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The ElDorado Affair 

The ElDorado Affair: A True Story of Pioneers in Rural Guyana, South America By Jane Joseph Published by Sapodilla Press, June 2015   Price:£15  (including UK postage and packing) Available direct from Publisher, from Bookstores via Nielsens, Bertrams Books, and also via

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“Fit For A Queen: The Recipe Book of Ada Parsons, Head Cook to the XIV Earl of Strathmore” Published by Cranfield University Press (2012) ISBN 978-1-907413-12-4  Hardback £35 paperback £25


“It really is a superb piece of work, beautifully presented and with all those old recipes that we all try and find! “   David Broadfoot MBE Castle Administrator, Glamis Castle

The book is wonderfully illustrated with photos of Ada, fellow staff and members of the Bowes Lyons family, even letters from the royals. It covers Ada’s life and her unique position in the royal household – when Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon married Prince Albert (the future King George VI) in 1923, Ada and Francis were invited to view the gifts at Buckingham Palace and received a slice of wedding cake (now a family heirloom!). A cookery book, social and family history in equal measures, this endearing title includes 122 recipes ranging from ‘Canapes a la Windsor’ to ‘Alexandra Charlotte’, plus 21 menus, giving a real insight into everyday life in an Edwardian stately home, with a royal flavour.”       Karen Clare, “Your Family Tree” Magazine June 2012


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