Joe Bloggs: An Unlikely Hussar The First Post of 2017!!!!!!


This must surprise some of you that thought my “Last Post” meant an end to this blog and to regular thoughts of “Chairman Edwin” or your old mate “Joe” whereas in fact there’s a lot more to come. I’m going to start the New Year with a bit of advice to everyone, young and old. “It’s about time you lot did some reading!” and you can start with this book while you are waiting for my early life-story to be published under the title “An Unlikely Hussar”. By popular request it will be put into hard copy format and published by Sapodilla Press in the near future for all those of you that want a hard copy version to cherish and keep on your bookshelf. It may be that you want it because it brings happy memories to you yourself or for your children and their children who shared similar life experiences to me, or because you love real books and can’t handle digital reading. It will also be in Kindle format for those who just want something interesting to read while commuting or travelling on holidays. It will be in bigger type than “The Eldorado Affair” and have less pages because the story is shorter, so the physical copy of the book should cost a lot less to produce and therefore to buy.  I am just getting my wife, Jane, to put the finishing touches to the published version which will contain more than the stuff you can find here on this website and have any repetitions or inaccuracies corrected. Keep a look out for news on this blog or via Jane’s Facebook pages of when the book is released and also future blog posts from this Unlikely Hussar who still remains very opinionated and ready to dish out opinions on many topics for a long time to come!!


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