Boudicca’s Briefs Part 4 On Slavery and Making Amends for it by Volunteering.


witch in macbeth 1972

I don’t think I have ever met a LIVING person who argues or believes that slavery is right. Some say that Adolf Hitler did in “Mein Kampf”, and then tried to make it happen in Europe. I haven’t read “Mein Kampf”. However, we all know what we know happened in Europe in the early 20th Century and know enough to know that we wouldn’t want it to happen again and I am certainly NOT a Holocaust denier. Whether or not Hitler believed in enslaving others by dehumanising them, it is certainly true that it happened on his watch and that he was ultimately responsible for the slavery and the Holocaust that followed in Europe. I also know enough of the primary sources going back in history that there WERE some people in ALL countries who believed that slavery was acceptable, (whether in the Americas, Mediaeval Europe or Roman times) and there WERE other people in ALL countries who believed that it was totally immoral and should be prevented from happening. Just as we would not like to have our own life and destiny controlled by another individual, group, country or family member with the power to do so, we shouldn’t try to use our own power to control the lives and destiny of others. They tried their best to eradicate slavery but failed, as today we STILL HAVE SLAVERY in all countries, but in most it is AGAINST THE LAW. That does not stop it from happening, as criminals and bullies will always try to enslave others whether of another sex, religion or race. We all have to be vigilant against criminals and teach our children not to try to dominate their siblings and peers. We should ALL remember not to use our own position of power to control the destiny of another individual, group or family member.

As far as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade goes, in 1991 I decided to volunteer and accompany my husband to Guyana in South America to play our part in helping to make amends for the Slavery that our ancestors perpetuated (yes, even he, a descendant of African slaves also had white slave-master ancestors). We spent 18 years and all our money trying to make amends for the slavery of our colonial ancestors. How we did this and with what results, you can read in the book “The ElDorado Affair” by Jane Joseph ISBN 978-0-9932409-0-4 published by Sapodilla Press available from Amazon, Waterstones and other Book stores via Nielsens and Gardners.


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