An Unlikely Hussar:The Remarkable Life-story of Edwin “Joe” Joseph


royal-tournament-1977When ten year old Edwin “Joe” Joseph from British Guiana arrived in England in 1950, the country was still recovering from the devastation of the Second World War. In the rebuilding process, migrants from the colonies had been welcomed into their mother country to fill the labour gap left by Britain’s civilian and military casualties. His story is familiar to that of many colonial migrants and yet there was something about Edwin that made him stand out from the crowd. What made him integrate so easily into the Tooting community and schools? Why did he join the British Army? How did sport and music change his life? What was England and Europe like in the 1950s from his perspective? How does he view his army experiences from 1956-1978? Find out what transformed this frail and sickly child into a leader of men, a record breaker and record maker who made his mark on those who served with him. It is a tale of courage and independence, of opportunity and endeavour, of loyalty and dedication.

Coming soon…… just awaiting cover completion…keep checking on Amazon and this website for release date


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