Boudicca’s Briefs:The Views of a Pleb Part 5 On Amazons and Porknockers

witch in macbeth 1972

Are you an Amazon or a Porknocker? read on to find out!

Wise women of the world will all be getting on with their lives today as any other day regardless of the fact that it is “International Women’s Day”. Most of our efforts go unnoticed and monetarily unrewarded but without us society could not exist and that’s a fact! In our pursuit of material comforts for ourselves and those dear to us, we strive to break down barriers that date back to the earliest days of our evolution. The Amazons of Scythia enshrined in Greek legend by Herodotus and the legendary tribe of female warriors said by 16th century explorers to be living somewhere on the banks of the eponymous South American river, prove that women leaders have always been a rarity rather than the norm. We have had to endure disrespect when we stray into roles traditionally the preserve of men, and mockery when we perform better than male counterparts. Most of us ignore this and just quietly get on with doing a good job. Some of us laugh it off and join in with the joke knowing inwardly that mockery stems from those who feel inadequate and threatened by our success. What is Porknocking and what has it got to do with this? Gold-prospectors in colonial South America were known as “Porknockers” as they flocked to the interior rivers to search for placer deposits of that nugget which would make their fortune. As in the Californian gold rush of the 1840s, most of the porknockers perished as paupers and those who truly made their fortunes were the people (mainly women) who made their way into these dangerous conditions bringing food, provisions such as salted pork, (hence the name “porknocker”) to sell to the miners who had found a few golden grains. Some of them also sold sex to their customers and so all such women have been labelled by history as “prostitutes.” The miners prostituted themselves in their vain attempt to get rich quickly. The women prostituted themselves to the miners and some of them got rich slowly as a result! Women were the winners and men were the losers. Nothing has changed!




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