Boudicca’s Briefs: The Views of a Pleb Part 7 On Fake News

witch in macbeth 1972“Suetonius,” I said,” You know the story about Romulus and Remus.”


“Yes, Boudicca…That they were brought up by a she-wolf and they founded Rome?”

“Was that a Fake News story?”

“It depends what you mean by Fake News.”

“Nobody really knows if it was true do they?”

“No I suppose not, but it was just a nice story to help Rome improve its Brand-Image. Nobody really believes the story but they get the message that goes with it”

“So what’s different about Fake News then?”

“I suppose Fake News sets out to fool people, to change their minds about politicians and their decisions.”

“So Fake News makes you believe something that looks true but isn’t.”

“Yes Boudicca.”

“I see, so how do you know which is the real news and which is the Fake News?”

“It’s almost impossible to tell the difference.”

“Well I just hate it when people try to con or manipulate me. I just won’t believe anything that looks like news any more”

“As long as you still take an interest in what the government is doing… according to Plato, you’d have to be a FOOL not to.”

“Oh I have an interest in what governments do all right! I just don’t believe any of the soothsayers. They just tell stories and I get the message that goes with them, but I’m just a pleb, so I have to believe only what I see happening around me, not what some soothsayer tells me I should think.”




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