Boudicca’s Briefs:The Views of a Pleb Part 2 On Truth and Trickery

witch in macbeth 1972

Call me old fashioned, but I was brought up to believe that George Washington did not tell a lie when asked if he had cut down his father’s cherry tree. He became the first president of America and I like to think that he managed to do so without becoming a liar as he grew older. I have always tried to tell the truth even when my audience probably didn’t like hearing it and when it might also have caused others to judge me wrongly. My love of history and literature educated me to try to put myself in the shoes of others so I can understand what life is like for them. This has led me to endure some pretty unpleasant experiences on my journey through life which have taught me lessons and opened my eyes. I hope I have become wiser but I still have an unshaken belief in telling the truth and doing things which are basically good and honourable. I find it sad that in order to compete in a global market place using today’s digital technology, advertisers have to trick us into buying their products or policies. They pose as charities or play on our fears of illness, safety or isolation to wheedle information out of us that they can then use to assault us with once they have collected it. If we don’t watch out, the good old market stall or shop window setting out an honest display of wares will disappear into the global cyber-sphere and those of us struggling to earn our keep by honest efforts and spend our meagre resources wisely will be devoured by the Wolves of Wall Street.







Part 1 …. On womanhood and motherhood

Why should it matter if a woman has children of her own? It really offends me that thoughtless new acquaintances not only ask me if I have any children, but imply by doing so that there is something lacking if the answer is no. People who put up for public office have to be tough enough to take anything that journalists throw at them but that is not a reason for this kind of personal question to be asked of ANYONE. It is not RELEVANT and it is no body’s business to ask!! By the same token, proclaiming one’s own parenthood as a qualification for a job is also irrelevant. It does not make someone a better teacher if they are a parent so why should it make them a better anything else, including politician or leader of a country? While I am on the subject, it is usually other women who ask this question, or pronounce their own motherhood as if it gives them some sort of superiority in life. We live in an age where we are supposed to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. As someone who actually wanted children and was denied that privilege by the cruel twists of fate, I know how it makes you feel if someone tells you “You wouldn’t understand what it is to be a parent because you haven’t got any children of your own.” Whether or not being childless is a deliberate choice or a subject of personal distress, it is not something that people judge men by so why should they judge women by it?

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